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My Email Communications Security Assessment (MECSA)

MECSA website python3

We have just finished the migration of the MECSA website to Python 3.

The MECSA website has been updated to use the assessment and scoring functions featured in the latest version of its standalone command line counterpart mecsa-st.

Assessments will now use the new scoring formula for the calculation of the star ratings. For more information, please consult the FAQ and Technical Details sections.

What email servers can tell to Johnny: An empirical study of provider-to-provider email security

We have recently published an article on the IEEE Access journal, providing an analysis of the latest results obtained with the MECSA platform. Have a look! (mecsa-ieee).

MECSA Standalone Tool: Python 3 and new Scoring Function

The new version of mecsa-st released on 20/03/2020 contains the following changes: migration to Python3 and a new scoring function to present the results of the analysis as in the MECSA summary report. (mecsa-st).

New MECSA test: MTA-STS.

We have added a test for a new security standard: the MTA-STS protocol. For more information, you can consult the RFC8461.

MECSA Standalone Tool.

We released, under a EUPL License, a command line version of the MECSA website, the MECSA Standalone Tool (mecsa-st).

Report on 2018 MECSA results.

We have just released a report summarizing the results obtained by MECSA during the 2018. You can find the report on the publications area of the Science Hub website.

Technical Report2019
My Email Communications Security Assessment (MECSA): 2018 Results
(1.11 MB - PDF)