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My Email Communications Security Assessment (MECSA)

Report id d15c7863b5212fd6cb6bba0a8a28bc94 for domain (26/09/2018)


Star Star Star Empty star Empty star (3.0/5)

Your e-mail provider provides you with a minimum level of confidentiality, using encryption when delivering and receiving messages. Although it cannot assure the identity of the parties with which interacts.


Star Star Star Empty star Empty star (3.0/5)

Your email provider offers a minimum protection against email spoofing. It will be able to detect some not legitimate email servers and provide a minimum protection against impersonation attempts on its users. This score can also reflect a deployment-in-progress of the required technologies to provide protection against phishing and identity theft.


Star Empty star Empty star Empty star Empty star (1.0/5)

Your email provider cannot guarantee that the messages received were not modified during the delivery phase. In particular, when we have 2 stars we can only guarantee that the message sent from the last server is the same it received. Although it cannot guarantee that it is the same that was sent by the sender.